Monday, 27 July 2009


I'm sure all of you have a twitter now.
Just to let you know, mine is:
follow, but I do not always have anything interesting to say.
Anyway, we all know you like to keep up with celeb's so here I have listed the twitters of celebrity's which as far as I know and have checked, are REAL.
DO NOT FOLLOW FAKES. (miranda cosgrove, that is) (Johnathon Ross.)
More will be added homie g.
your welcome.
inabit, xo

mr jonas miss belle

I really cannot stand most celebrites.

But anywho, we have Jonas Brothers - my favourite being Nick.

I cannot stand Joe and I honestly don't think he's the most buffting out of the group.

& As for Kevin.. well he's just there.

We can take him out of the equation now that he's getting married. :)

Guys, rumour has it that Joe Jonas & Camille Belle are over.

She was pretty & everything, but I knew they couldn't last. Especially when she was spotted last dec. with Robert Pattinson.
So Kevin has his wifey.
Nick has.. Miley/Selena?
And as for Joe, well first Miss Swift then Miss Belle and now?
Who do you think Joe Jonas would make a good couple with?
inabit, xo

Sunday, 26 July 2009


I know he has been 'dead and gone' (thankyou mr. timberlake) for a while now, a month, i think? - but i'm just curious about everyone's thoughts as quite honestly, I am frankly a little scared of him. Does anyone agree with me when I say his face scares me? When i woke up and found out he died, it did shock me yes, but i couldn't help not caring? He was good at singing, and dancing, but that's the only ever praise you'll hear me say about him.
Thoughts guys?
inabit, xo

Wuh tuh fuh, is blogger?!

first impressions always count...

i'm a girl & i love to read. i got bored one day & looked up '101 things to do when your bored' on le google & came across blogging and thought may aswell try it. So, I don't get what you put on them? Maybe it's just a place where you can vent & have an opinion without anyone changing it. If so, then i'm here to stay. Comment me with what i can talk about & hey, perhaps i'll get interesting.

Oo, & i'm still learning ... no haters yo!?

inabit, xo