Monday, 27 July 2009

mr jonas miss belle

I really cannot stand most celebrites.

But anywho, we have Jonas Brothers - my favourite being Nick.

I cannot stand Joe and I honestly don't think he's the most buffting out of the group.

& As for Kevin.. well he's just there.

We can take him out of the equation now that he's getting married. :)

Guys, rumour has it that Joe Jonas & Camille Belle are over.

She was pretty & everything, but I knew they couldn't last. Especially when she was spotted last dec. with Robert Pattinson.
So Kevin has his wifey.
Nick has.. Miley/Selena?
And as for Joe, well first Miss Swift then Miss Belle and now?
Who do you think Joe Jonas would make a good couple with?
inabit, xo

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